Self Care Reimagined.

Raise your vibrations without limits and labels. Offering Genderless Self Care products, Ouf’s range of discreet sex-toys focus on providing pleasure, your way. There is no shame in our game.

Raise your

without limits and labels.

Everything you need to know:

About Ouf!


Ouf! was formed in the belief that sex toys and sexual pleasure is something each and every body should enjoy without shame, limits and labels. We celebrate all bodies and stimulate all pleasure zones with our gender neutral, multi-use sex toys. We don’t label the targeted body parts or dictate the uses of our sexual wellness products; we leave the pleasure finding up to you. 

Self-care shouldn't be shameful. We aim to keep our products, website and messaging a safe place to enjoy wherever you are.

What are Genderless Sex Toys?


Gender is not binary. Neither is sexual exploration.  Ouf’s genderless toys are created to suit all bodies and designed for open-ended functionality. We don’t label the targeted zones, or dictate the use of our sexual wellness products. We leave the pleasure finding up to you. 

How discrete are you products and packaging?


Our sleek and discreet methods provide you with whisper quiet toys that are designed to be more subtle to have around.

Ouf's product packaging in discrete and biodegrable and once ordered, your product will be shipped in plain packaging directly to your door. 

Even our website has been designed to ensure you can shop wherever you are without the surf shame, even at work. 

What is body friendly silicone?


Ouf! is proud to offer 100% non-porous medical-grade sex toys. Our non-porous sex toys are softer, smoother and have a water-resistant surface. Our high end materials do not harbor bacteria and can be sterilized for safer enjoyment time after time.